Cost Saving - Make sure you review your Costs

Most business owners understand the larger costs of the business but are often spending money they don't need to.

We commonly find businesses have not reviewed where they spend their money and always suggest clients review their invoices / bank statements, asking themselves why are we spending the money on the product/service?

  • Do I need all this space?

  • Am I leasing things that would be cheaper to buy?

  • Is it worth spending on that service?

  • Do I have the skills to do that in house or is it cheaper to sub contract?

  • Have I got too many licences for software/ phones?

  • When did I last review my suppliers - insurance / accountants / phone providers/ photocopiers/ freight forwarders/ energy tariffs/ finance costs ......

Make sure you save costs that your business doesn't need. The payback is straight to the bottom line and can be immediate.

It will help your business offset some of the current high inflation.

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